Casa Colibri - Cumbuco - Brazil   

Casa Colibri

Casa Colibri 1Casa Colibri is a private holiday house in Cumbuco, about 35 km from Fortaleza, the capital of the state Ceará. Cumbuco is a small fisherman's village with no mass tourism. Tourists spend their holidays in small pousadas (a sort of inn/ small hotel) or in guesthouses that are rented out by the owners. Casa Colibri is absolutely quiet and beautifully located on the edge of a gorgeous dune landscape and with a great view of the Atlantic ocean.The beach is a 5 minutes walk away from the house.



Casa Colibri 2

Casa Colibri has four guest rooms in an estate style house, each with its own bathroom, and a big shared living hall with view of the swimming pool and cleverly constructed terraces built all around the house set in a luscious garden setting.




Casa Colibri 3From the terrace one has a breathtaking view of the ocean and the dunes. All four rooms have a ceiling ventilator and are also equipped with air-conditioning. A very spacious open kitchen is available for those who feel like cooking themselves. The rooms are cleaned every day, which is included in the room price. Casa Colibri is the place for people looking for a quiet or sportive holiday. Sex tourism is absolutely not wanted here!